Imparting Training In Sign Language To Bring On Empathy To The Disabled

It is more of a necessity that people would take the effort to learn something as a sign language.  Mostly people that have the deaf members in the immediate family are those that are open to learning sign language or at times, there could be close friends that are deaf that people take to learning sign language.  

Consider this with the concept that children must learn a second language as part of studies when in all probability, most people never get to use the second language.  

Applying The Sign Language

It must be said that when people get to learn something like sign language, it brings the person in direct contact with people that are disabled in some manner of other.  It need not be that they are deaf in each case.  The exposure that such an approach provides the people are bound to bring about a society that is far more empathetic and understanding than would have been otherwise.  

When people are brought to looking at matters from a disabled person’s point of view, the manner seemingly minor things like ramps at bus stops, or public restrooms that are disable friendly, come to play a significant part of each person’s lives.  It would be seen as part of everyday life than as a condition that someone had.    

The Selfish Nature Of Society

Increasingly people are seen to lacking values in handling other’s feelings and even in another point of view.  It must be said that every aspect of life has been assigned a value that is expressed in monetary terms and everything is seen in this narrow light more than anything else.  

It is when people are pointed to some aspects that simply cannot be had for money and that are things like speech, sight, hearing and the likes.  Teaching sign language or reading Braille would more than impart an ability to people and make people more in tune with the need to maintain a harmonious equilibrium with everything that is around them.  

When people get to see the way others can contribute to bring about changes that last some generations going forward, it would be welcomed as well.  

The Social Costs Involved

Rarely are the benefits or return from investment in a better education system realized as monetary return.  There are lot of benefits from a good educational system that inculcates a good set of values that bring about better focused citizens and people that work toward the betterment of society as well as better natured people.  

Thus teaching something as Braille or sign language would be returned into society as more responsible citizens that are better law abiders and better observers of law and order.  This is bound to happen over a long period of time but it is sure to happen for sure.  Rarely has the benefits of an understanding and emphatic society been not realized by the future generations.  The present generation of decision makers must have the foresight to implement people friendly steps with a mind on the future citizens.