Which Are The Most Definite Symptoms Of Hearing Loss

Hearing fades away very slowly that a person is unable to identify the same. He will not be able to even notice that change. We spoke over telephone, communicate with our relative, friends, family, sometimes the voice does not reach us, network, instrument quite be a cause for same but the degree of deafness can also be a cause for it. As even after changing the instrument and talking in a full network zone can also be inaudible. This is where people leave this problem unidentified leading to gradual deafness.

Hearing loss happens in degrees:

Mild Hearing Loss:

This is the stage where a person is able to hear another person having a one-on-one conversation. But it becomes difficult to hear each word because of the background noise. It’s the stage where a person finds difficult to hear consonants. He also muffles with the other sound and speech.

Moderate Hearing Loss:

At this stage, the person normally asks the other person to repeat the said words in one-to-one conversation or over telephone –conversation. He also often listens to radio or television on a high volume. People also find difficult to follow up two individual’s conversation when spoken together.

Severe Hearing Loss:

This is a stage when a person is not able to follow any conversation without any hearing aid. The hearing power is quite weakened at this time. The person tries very hard to listen to another person and asks the other person to speak louder; sometimes misinterprets.

Profound Hearing Loss:

Hearing aid or Cochlear implant has to be adopted in order to listen to the other person. At this stage, the audio nerves are completely damaged blocking the sound waves reaching ears.

Hard To Make Out High Pitched Sounds:

Children’s and female voice is quite high pitched, sometimes it becomes difficult for the person to hear these sounds. Also, sometimes making out the difference of the alphabets ‘S’ and ‘F’ becomes very difficult. This is also a symptom of deafness.

Other Symptoms:

Some of the other common symptoms of deafness include; feeling of exhaustion after attending any kind of social event., hearing sounds of hissing, ringing, tinnitus in the ears, missing on sounds like a car’s turn or indicator’s signals sound, birds chirping, beeping of the timer of microwave ovens, missing on ticktock of clock needles, earache or a spinning situation in the ear. People often sometime misunderstand that the other people are not able to express themselves, as they don’t know how to speak correctly, that is why they follow people’s lips and concentrates on what the other person is speaking, this could be vice-versa as may the person is not a good listener.

The above listed are some of the symptoms which are sometimes ignored or taken casually by the people. They don’t understand the severity of the hear loss and when they actually realize it, it becomes quite late to get a proper treatment for same. It is recommended that if a person is going through any such symptom, then he should get proper consultation from the ear healthcare advisor.