Most Common Causes Of Deafness That You Must Know About

A lot of various causes lead to deafness. Some can be treated medically that is through medication, surgery which further depends on the disease process. We live in a world full of noise, exposure to loud noise is one of the very common causes, which is produced through loud speakers, vehicles, musical concerts, stereos, etc. All these high frequency noise causes hearing problems which sometimes can be temporary or can become permanent as well if not treated properly. Deafness is also a natural cause as and when one gets older. It can also be a genetic defect or can also be caused due to some injury. Some of the most common causes are discussed in detail below:

Ear Wax Build-up:

Wax if not cleaned regularly from the ear can block the ear canal, through which movement of sound waves becomes impossible to enter. This can further lead to short term deafness or hearing loss.

Damaging Inner Ear:

Loud noise or aging can damage the inner ear. The noise gradually causes the wear and tear of the inside nerve cells and hairs inside the ear which sends the sound waves to the brain. If these sound waves do not reach the ear properly then the brain does not give any reactions resulting in deafness.

Foreign Objects:

A lot of people do not know how to clear the wax from the ear. Instead of using good quality buds they use pencils, pins and various other things. Even a bud can also damage the ear drum. These foreign objects result in temporary or permanent hearing loss.

Ear Infections:

Any kind of ear infection should be properly treated in consultation with an ENT specialist, it should not be ignored. Also, if any bone or tumor is protruding should be treated properly as it might lead to permanent deafness. Ignorance of these infections is a very common cause of deafness.

Excess Mucus:

Flu, common cold, hay fever or any kind of such infections can cause of lot mucus in the ear leading to the blockage through which sound waves doesn’t travels leading to temporary deafness.

Ruptured Eardrum:

Sudden noise, air- pressure, sudden poking of ear, gun shots and sometimes some jokes like shouting inside the ear can rupture the eardrum resulting in deafness.


If a person is facing a prolonged exposure to continuous noise, it can be in the workplace or because of the factory noise near to home, can cause defects in the normal functioning of the ear. The inside mechanism is quite delicate; it could also lead to bleeding and further damaging the ear.

These causes are some of the most common causes that further lead to hearing loss. In order to protect oneself, one should always stay away from the loud noise. The Government has put so many restrictions on the loud noise in order to keep aged and other people safe. If these laws are adhered strictly, then these causes can be avoided before they reach us.