Month: November 2018

Causes, Signs and Treatments of Ear Infection in Kids

Ear infections occur mostly in kids and young people. These infections could cause severe pain and can lead to loss of hearing. So as soon as you find that your child is suffering with ear issue, it is better to consult an ENT doctor to avoid your child hearing problem at starting stage itself.

More about Ear Infections

Generally, human ear consists of  three parts, they are: inner ear, the middle one and the outer part. Ear infections takes place mostly in the ear middle part that is of very little place present back of your eardrum. These infections caused in ear are also known as otitis acute media and this can take place in one or both ears. These infections are mostly seen in children and they would probably have at least infection of one ear by the time they are just one or two year old.

Infections in the ear occurs mostly in children below 3 years due to the process that their ears develop mainly while those age. Generally, for everyone, ear consists of a small tube that would go from the middle of the ear to the that of your throat back. This is called as Eustachian tube and it is responsible for the drain function of the middle ear. In children below 3 years, this tube will be very smaller and will not be in tilted format in the way it is in the adults. This could make it very easy for an ear infection to block the Eustachian tube. Sometimes, few times, kids will get affected by the fluid, mainly in their ear middle part but will not consists an infection and this is known as otitis media with fluid.

The Constant fluid in the ear is very common in kids under 2 years. However it can also happen in children above 2 years. Fluid in the middle of the ear can block the ear drums and can make the ear harder to hear. This loss of hearing at a very small age can lead to language and speech delays also.

Ear infection signs

At starting stage, it could be little complicated to find out whether the children has an infection in their ear or not, as a kid under 3 years cannot tell you that he/she ear is hurting a lot. This is something similar to an air conditioning unit that has malfunction on the inside but we can’t figure out on the outside nonetheless an Air Con Cleaning Brisbane specialist would diagnose. So to find out yourself, here are few ear infection signs:

  1. Fluid draining from their ear,
  2. Trouble sleeping,
  3. Not reacting to sounds,
  4. Fever,
  5. Crying more than usual,
  6. Tugging or pulling at their ear.

Treatment for Ear Infections

It is better to consult doctor immediately, if you once observe any of the above given signs. Doctor would give your kid, the best antibiotics to treat an ear infection. However, these antibiotics prescribed by doctor will help the person only if the infection is of bacterial ear infection. So, doctor may prefer not to recommend any medicine to your child if they has a virus.

Treatment for the ear infections with fluid includes:

Waiting for the ear fluid to go away. In most of the children, fluid in the ear will vanish away just in small period of time. If not, doctor may suggest a surgery to put a tube in your kid eardrum. This inserted tube will make the fluid present in ear to drain out totally. An ENT doctor, will do this operation. So, talk with a best ENT doctor regarding what is best for your kid and follow-up him.